Invisible Circle & Viva la Muerte

A tour do Human Feedback que rolou em março durou apenas 4 dias. Estivemos em SP e Rio e "agimos" ao lado de Fernando Perales, do Viva la Muerte (AR) e Dave Kaden, do Invisible Circle (USA).

Foi realmente incrível.

Abaixo a mensagem que o Dave deixou no myspace dele.

Hey everyone!

Big thanks to:
Juan Camisa D'Amico (, Michael Troutman (, Marcelo Armani (, Fabiano Gummo (, and Fernando Perales ( for accompanying me on this crazy tour. I had a great time with all of you, and was really psyched to see you play day after day. Special thanks to Juan and Marcelo for setting up dates and guiding me through this whole thing.

Thanks to all the other rad bands that played with us. I was too short sighted to write down all your names and websites, but from memory,
Hongo (, Tennista, Acampante (, Magic, Absenta, Orguga Inv., Shaman (, Ismael Titan (, Makaroni (, all the bands and artists who played that house show in Santiago (thats a fuzzy night for me, I didn't write anything down, but please, get in touch and be my friend if you read this!), Cine Shampoo, my3yeah (, La Patrulla Espacial (, Radio Interstellar, Cristos (, Senor Pharaon(, Dante Inferno, and, very sorry to all the bands and artist we played with in Brazil, but I didn't write anything down by that point. As with the house party in Santiago, if you come across this let me know and I'll put your name and link up here.

Big thanks to all the people and places that had us to play:
Pura Vida in La Plata, Chaav Party in Mar Del Plata, The crazy warehouse in Puerto Madryn run by the Heavy Metal couple, the beach restaurant in Puerto Madryn whose name I can't remember, Kultural 5 in Commodoro Rivadavia, The bar Facu DJs at in Bariloche (also La Cantina in Bariloche, best afterparty of the tour!), Matucana 100, Estudio Elefante, and the rad house out in the mountains in Santiago, Pronoise, El Cau Bar, and Plasma in Buenos Aires, that cultural Center in La Plata, Bluzz Bar, Piedras de Affilar Art Hostel and Palermo Art Hostel in Montevideo, Audio Rebel and Plano B in Rio de Janiero, and Espaco +Soma, Sierraherala, and Ibrasotope in Sao Paulo.

Big thanks to the people who put us up, especially Ellisita in Santiago, Facu in Bariloche, Tuka in Montevideo (he has a rad band!, Nacho and the Heavies in Puerto Madryn, and the Audio Rebel crew in Rio. Extra Special thanks to Pacu and his family for saving us when our place in Commodor Rivadavia fell through. SUPER BIG EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS TO TANA, YAMILLA, and BELEM for putting us up in La Plata for so long. We had a great time there, and ya'll were wonderful. Pacu and the La Plata crew have a rad band together (

And big thanks to everyone who came out to the shows, bought some merch, or just offered words of encouragement.

South America was amazing, and I hope I can make it back again someday.